Memory Chain

Hand-carved, large wooden chain, entirely crafted from one, single piece of pine.

195mm x 196mm x 3250mm, pine.

Currently on display and sold exclusively by
The New Craftsmen at their Mayfair showroom. To enquire about this particular piece, please contact

Photo credit: The New Craftsmen

Carved Mannequin Arms

Carved mannequin arms commissioned by MUSEEA for “Utopian Bodies – Fashion Looks Forward”, Liljevalchs, Stockholm.


Khokhloma Child

Child mannequin with wood carved arms and hand-painted body. A collaboration with Proportion>London, showcased at their Craft Event and new showroom opening.


Folk Carved Mannequin Arms

Special commission - wood carved mannequin arms for a private client in collaboration with Proportion> London. These were fitted onto one of their female ‘harlequin’ mannequins.


Rococo Mirror

This Rococo mirror was inspired by one I saw at Blenheim Palace and fell in love with, so had to make my own version of it.

Hand-carved mirror frame with gilded glass mirror
Lime wood mirror frame
Frame gilded using 23.5 carat gold leaf
Glass gilded with 12 carat white gold leaf
620mm x 1300mm

© Anastasya Martynova 2017