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Nordbor - Nordic Life Exhibition

Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2024 - ongoing

In February 2024, Nordiska museet opened its largest exhibition ever – Nordic Life (in Swedish called Nordbor). A visual museum experience and a dynamic narrative about everyday life and people in the Nordic region over 500 years.

The museum’s biggest exhibition effort ever is produced by Nordiska museet in collaboration with experts from universities and museums in Sweden and the Nordic countries. It is a visual experience and manifestation of the extensive collections at Nordiska museet.

The new core exhibition, Nordic Life , spans the entire top floor of the Nordiska museet on Djurgården and includes approximately 4,000 objects distributed across 27 rooms.

As a visitor, you will journey through our cultural history and four seasons. Past forests, villages, and cities. Along the way, you will encounter real-life stories from history. Traveler Samuel, forest dweller Elisabet, freedom enthusiast Peter, and midwife Catarina are some of them.

For this project, I created a large plaster “garden installation”, inspired by manicured topiary mazes - by applying individual plaster “leaves” across the expansive walls and parts of the ceiling. This was all done by hand to achive an organic effect and then painted green in two shades. I also designed and created plaster moulds, which were then cast in plaster by the museum’s art department and these were selectively hung across several rooms.

The first three images are of the “Garden Rooms” and the remaing give an idea of the other spaces, desined by the very talented MUSEEA.

Photo credit: Emil Fagander /Nordiska museet

The Arctic - While the Ice is Melting

Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 - ongoing

Under the bright light of the North Star, where meridians meet and time zones come to an end – this is where the Arctic begins. Home to four million people who have for thousands of years lived with the ice.

The Nordiska Museet's Great Hall has been given over to the life and changing conditions of the Arctic region. In The Arctic – While the Ice Is Melting, visitors encounter the history and future of the ice and the people that live in one of the regions of the world where climate change is most noticeable.

MUSEEA designed this grand exhibition occupying over 2,000 square meters. The exhibition is the result of close collaboration between the studio, Nordiska Museet and 40 researchers and experts from around the polar area.

For this project, I contributed large-scale hand-made artworks including a straw installation, oversized, embroydered tapestries and a series of glass sculptures.

Photo credit: Hendrik Zeitler

The Supper Club Artworks

The Supper Club Restaurant, The Spirit of Adventure, UK

Geometric reverse gilded glass artworks, commissioned by SMC Art Consultancy.
Collection of ten large artworks (two of which are triptychs), all based on the Shape of God Series.

Gold and silver verre églomisé, polychromes, black aluminium frame, various sizes.

(More images coming soon.)

Photo credit: Franklin & Franklin

Reverse painted and gilded splashback using Dutch metal leaf.
2500mm x 500mm

Gilded Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Various UK locations

The design of each bespoke splashback is unique, using toughened, clear glass. The glass is painted and gilded by hand - setting it apart from commercial tarnishing/finishing techniques.

The design and colour options are unlimited as well as the option of choosing various metals - from 22ct gold leaf, marbled silver leaf, copper leaf and beyond.

Whether to add a statement to a new kitchen or as a sustainable choice to refresh and existing layout please enquire: mail@anastasya-martynova.com

Samples available on request

Reverse painted and gilded splashback using Dutch metal leaf.
3000mm x 500mm

Gilded Perspex Panels

Topshop Oxford Circus Flagship Store, London, UK

Five panels commissioned by Bluetit London. Two large panels were created to fit around the handrails dividing two areas, with a ceiling panel above and two separate wall panels.

Perspex, Dutch metal leaf, acrylic paint.

Dreamland Willow and Wood Entrances for D-Raw Studios

Dreamland, Margate, UK

Entrance installations with weaved willow sculptures and raw timber, sustainably sourced from local woodland.

Working alongside the landscaping team, the design included areas for climbing plants like scented jasmine to cover the structure over time and add to the atmospheric, fairytale feel of the design.

Photo credit: Richard Leeney

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