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Sequence / Rise / Collision with Joy

Part of the Shape of God Series

An ongoing personal project exploring the themes of intuition, the unseen and the impossibility of perfection.

Dutch metal on Perspex, acrylic inks
600 x 600mm

These are also available as silk scarves, please see the Store section in the menu above.

Sequence, 2018

Rise, 2018

Collision with Joy, 2018

90 x 70 cm
22 carat gold leaf, silver leaf, polychromes on glass

Framed (handmade metal frame with wood subrame and hanging bar)

*As seen in Homo Faber’s “Next of Europe” exhibition, 2022.

Anastasya Martynova, Unit 1.5, Building B4, 3 Barton Yard, Soames Walk, Design District, London SE10 0BN


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